10 killed in mass shooting at US supermarket, 21-year-old man being a suspect.

United States officers have accused a 21-year-old man for killing ten people. These is after an attack that has recently occurred at King Soopers supermarket in Colorado United States.

The 21-year-old man is known as Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa. He is from Arvada near Denver . He has been accused as the first suspect to participate in the attack. The residents who were killed are between the age gap of 20-65 years.

According to the officers, Ahmad is just from hospital. These is after they confirmed that he also had a gunshot injury on his leg. The police officer also don’t know how Ahmad got gunned on his leg.

Ahmad is currently in jail as he awaits for his case . This case has happened a few days after the Atlanta area attack. The two attacks have led to the death of more than 20 people in less than a week.

Source: CNN.

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