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100 Bob wedding couple speaks of their 5years marriage journey.

Wilson and Ann at the Ksh 3.8m wedding organised by various wedding planning companies.

Everyone celebrated love in their purest form when Wilson Mutura and Ann Muhonja spent just Ksh100 celebrating their love for each other in 2017.

With Ksh 100, Wilson paid for their wedding rings and went to his pastor at the Christian Community Worship Center in Kasaran to ask him to form their union.

When the pastor posted this beautiful story on his Facebook page, the story spread.

Anyone in the marriage group attended and organized their favorite wedding which cost Ksh 3.8million.

Now, after all these riots, the couple is still together and strong 5 years later.

Speaking in an interview with Switch TV, Wilson and Ann described their marital journey together.

After the morning session ended, Ann says they had trouble and the worst advice she was given was to leave Wilson for a year, just to cool off.

Ann said: “If you lay a solid foundation for marriage, nothing can break it no matter what.”

Supporting his wife’s wise opinion, Wilson added, “As a married man there are many challenges, and one way to overcome them is to have a close relationship with your wife.”

The basis of their relationship was forgery in the church where they met.

“We met at our church’s youth conference and found out that you were the one who dressed better than all the other members of the group. I took the first step and asked her number. That’s how we started talking,” Ann said when they first met.

Wilson for his part claims to have acted foolishly and acted as if he did not see Ann’s efforts even after surrounding her.

” After four years we decided to take another step thou She used to call me brother,” Wilson said with a smile.

“Friends advised me to divorce my marriage,” says Anne Muhonja of the famous Ksh 100 wedding
“It’s up to you to decide which advice to listen to and which to follow. There are people who give you advice so you can make a mistake and they can get into …

“My family is the most expensive thing I have,” says Wilson of the 100 bob couple.

The next level meant the wedding to celebrate their union. The only problem was that they were broken and locked up in cash.

“Because I loved her, I told her we could go to our pastor and he could pray for us at church. After that, we could start a simple life and marriage,” Ann said.

And you all know the rest is history.

After their love spread, many companies promised them profits that many did not make.

Wilson called them and wanted to have them and use them to sell their products.
” Some people have used us and our situation. Some have said they will give us land to build a house, and to date nothing has been planned.”

One father continued, “People like Bonfire Adventures kept their conversation going and gave me a job – something that wasn’t even part of their plan or our commitment – where I earn a steady income. Some just wanted to use us.”

100 bob wedding couple in their first ceremony.

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