“1000 Women wanted me to marry them,” pastor Ng`ang`a reveals.

Famous Kenyan Pastor, Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism center , reveals the temptation he faced from his church women members. Some were politician, married women and even bishops.

He revealed how his wife almost ran from their matrimonial home due phone issues. Ng’ang’a said that his phone created more issues between him and his wife.

” There was a day I came and found out that she had packed all her clothes and ran from home. My phone usually created more issues between us. I remember one day in Naivasha , a text message reading ” Thank you for the goodnight yesterday.”

I gave her and asked her o read it as it was a false accusation. If she had seen it later on , the situation would have escalated,” Ng’ang’a stated recalling that he had spent three days with his wife.

He admitted to receive romantic messages and calls from other women . To build trust he had to remove pins from his phone and confront tyhe callers when with his wife.

Before marrying Mercy, he received marriage disposal from over 1000 women. Even a lady offered him Kshs. 3 million to marry her.

After marrying Mercy who was one of the daughter to one of his own church, most ushers and women left his church. Some even tried to fight her to extent of using witchcraft.

According to Ng’ang’a , it’s not safe to marry your agemate because when you will be of age, you will fail to take care of each other.

“There were thousands of women who wanted me to marry them. Others politicians , while some were bishops. A woman even went to the extent of offering kshs. 3million to marry her. They tried duping me by posing the money as offering.

Ushers and women in the church left after I married her as they decided to walk away. They even tried to fight her and even used witchcraft. They questioned why I married a younger wife. I think it would have been unwise to marry my agemate because at some point we would have aged and failed to take care of each other.” he disclosed.


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