100million bridge unveiled 5days ago swept by raging floods in Kajiado

A multi-million dollar bridge connecting three Kajiado sub-counties and inaugurated five days ago by Governor Joseph Lenku was hit by floods this morning.

At the inauguration of the new bridge last Saturday, Lenku said the county government had spent 100 million shillings to build the new bridge.

Paai Bridge was expected to end the nightmare facing farmers during the rainy season when they have no outdoor market.

The bridge over the Eselenkei River season was flooded at 3 a.m. Thursday, according to locals.

John Lemomo, who spoke to the Star, said he was awakened by a loud noise coming from the river side at night.

Lemomo said he suspected the bridge had been collapsed by large rocks washed away by floodwaters on the river.

He claimed that the bridge was built quickly for political reasons.

“There is nothing to celebrate here about this bridge … it is good that it was even demolished before the general election in August,” Lemomo said.

Commercial gardeners in Kenyewa / Poka Ward (East Kajiado), Imbirrikani / Eselenkei Ward (South Kajiado) and Matapato North (Central Kajiado) have nothing to celebrate with this state-of-the-art project.

During the rainy season, the Eselenkei River, the largest river in the region, threatens the lives of those trying to cross it.

When the bridge was inaugurated in September last year, County Roads Minister Alex Kilowua said the bridge would open up the area to local and national traders.

“This bridge will promote economic and social interaction between the communities and the possibility of opening up the area to local and national wholesalers of horticultural products,” Kilowua said.

Our efforts to speak to Kilowua or Governor Lenku after the morning incident were unsuccessful as the two officers could not be reached by telephone.

Eselenkei, the largest seasonal river in the area, usually breaks off its banks during the rainy season.

The bridge was designed to facilitate the transportation of people and goods in the three districts.

Lenku said it would promote economic and social interaction between locals, which had previously been cut off when the river overflowed.

He noted that prior to the construction of the bridge, farmers were cut off from the market during the rainy season and suffered losses as a result of rotting their crops.

“This bridge will change the economy of this region. “Just one year ago, when it rained, trucks loaded with garden produce could get stuck on the riverbank for several days without crossing, causing huge losses to farmers and traders,” said Lenku.

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