10months baby drown in basin water and dies in Kakamega.

On Monday evening, residents of Matungu village, Kakamega County, were shocked to hear that a 10-month-old baby had drowned in a water tank.

Audrey Akumu, 25, was washing family clothes outside her home with her baby playing behind her, according to a report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

According to DCI, Akumu was alerted to the child’s silence over time, and when he turned to look, he discovered that the child was drowning in a bathtub. Efforts to get the baby to the hospital were unsuccessful after the baby was pronounced dead on arrival.

“Suddenly she noticed that the child was silent and turned to see if she was OK, and saw hee drowning in a basin filled with water,” DCI said.

“The young mother started running confused and mourning, attracting her neighbors who came running and picked up the baby from the water. They rushed the baby to the nearby Bliss Medical Center, where the baby was pronounced dead at the time of his arrival.”

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