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“A jail term of 10 years if found blocking a train,” Authorities announce.

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Following the escalation of a major rail looting incident, the Kenya Railway Authority took it seriously and demanded a law banning it. So he joined the NTSA to focus on this.

You will be temporarily detained if you are found guilty of obstructing trains, the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has said.

In a statement on Thursday, September 23, the coalition said anyone found violating rail traffic laws would be a victim of it.


“The organization would like to encourage the general public to exercise precaution and high-level readiness when crossing the railway,” the KRC said in a statement.

The party said it had found that drivers and people were disrupting railway traffic levels, causing visas that could be avoided.

In 2020, the partnership led to an increase in traffic congestion during peak hours of train and passenger cargo.

He called on Kenyans to abide by the provisions of the Kenya Railway Companies Act (Chapter 397) under section 66.

As required by law, any person who participates in any protest which obstructs or may obstruct the work of a train, ship or company and may jeopardize the presence of such person shall be guilty of an offense and detained for more than ten years.

The party urged Kenyans to exercise extreme caution and caution whenever passing or crossing railways.

It comes just one day after a train heading to Nanyuki collided with a truck crossing a railway line.

The truck was carrying crates of soft drinks and Kenyans collided to pick up more crates while others watched in horror from a distance.

No one was hurt in the horrific tragedy that shocked Kenyans.

This year, two different trains have been linked to visas in the country. In a new report from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), traffic incidents have increased.

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