14 girls rescued from training to perform unnatural sexual acts with dogs.

In recent times, youths all over the world have been arrested for engaging in disturbing and shocking activities.

Many were detained in police cells where their parents were called to take them.

Many young people have recently become involved in drug and alcohol abuse and other life-threatening activities at an early age.

In a shocking incident, police raided a guest house on Muyenga hill in Kampala and rescued 14 girls who were living in critical condition.

The girls were reportedly taught to perform unnatural sexual acts, including engaging in unnatural acts with dogs and preparing to travel to European destinations for unknown tasks.

Most girls are children under the age of 14, who by law cannot be employed or travel abroad without parental / guardian consent. Only one girl would be 19 years old.

Working on the report of the relevant residents of Makindye Division, Kampala suburb. The 14 girls were found at the Papaya Holiday Home in Muyenga B area, Makindye Division said Kampala City Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire.

He said the 19-year-old girl claims to be an S.6 student at Namungoona Parents’ High School in Rubaga Division.

Owoyesigyire said they were in the care of a woman named Dorothy Ndagire who claims to run an NGO called the Maya Project, a part of Uganda that works in partnership with another in the UK but is not registered under Ugandan law.

“We went to a guesthouse and found the girls living in poor conditions and the news we received was that they were forced to sleep with dogs,” Owoyesigyire said, adding that the girls had since refused to disclose their origins. and even their details.

Oweyesigyire revealed that police arrested Ndagire and detained him during an ongoing investigation and the girls were taken to a house awaiting information about their origins and identity of their parents.


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