15 year old girl who committed suicide for being bullied in school laid to rest.

Lufuno Mavhunga , fifteen-year old girl from Nzhelele in Limpopo lost her life after she committed suicide. Her death was as a result of the bullying she got from her fellow students at Mbilwi secondary school in the Vhembe East Education district.

The last words by Lufuno Mavhunga were shared on social media, showing how she had been affected by the bullying.

“Forgive me for what I did wrong to you and what I did to you wasn’t so big for you to embarrass me in the eyes of the whole country. Where will I find strength to sit in a class and learn? When they pointed at me, looked at me, laughed at me. It caused a pond of pain. Your doings made me loose hope. May the God help you to continue with the journey where I left off.

May you get educated and materialize the dreams I had for my mother for them to become true. My soul is not resting, it is not resting in peace. It was sent to death by those better than me. The Mighty God shall not sympathize with you. My tears that shed shall cause a cloud of course upon them. I hope you are happy considering I’ve passed on…” Words of late Lufuno Mavhunga.

Lufuno has been laid to rest today. Photos of the memorial services for Lufuno have been shared on Facebook

Condolences to the family, friends and relatives..


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