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19 Protestants in Myanmar sentenced to death.

Citizens of Myanmar have continued with protest agitating for the release of detained democratic elected leaders and the military junta to hand over power to elected leaders.

The protests have been answered with brutal force and has resulted to more than 600 people dead since the military took over the country two months ago.

The military has now sentenced 19 people to death after they killed an associate of an army captain in a district of Yangon , the military owned Myawaddy television said.

This sentence announcement from military comes to light first since the military took over the nation in February. The killings happened in North Okkalapa district of Myanmar’s biggest city.

The military has constantly ignored the cry of its citizens and have firmly held power despite numerous calls from all over the world including the UN to hand over power to the leaders and restore the country to normalcy.

The military has insisted that the elections held earlier on in the year was not a democratic process citing incidences of corruption in the system and as a result they initiated a coup which has been globally condemned.

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