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2 Men sentenced to a jail term of 200 years for death of a brigadier.

Two men were sentenced to 200 years in prison after robbery with violence and homicide was found by the court. In a decision of a Kital court respectively, Walter Mongare and his compliance Christopher Momanyi were sentenced to 120 years and 80 years in prison. In an incident leading to the death of Brigadier [RTD] Moses Yator, director of Economy farm products [K] Ltd, the magistrate found them guilty of stealing with violence. The prosecution , headed by Joyce Mumu showed that the two had actually committed crimes.

[story courtesy/opera news.]

“The crash at Kitale led to the death of victim; brigadier [RTD] Moses Yator who was shot dead. They have stolen mobile telephones, cash etc.” read the prosecution director’s office.

The reports revealed that Yator , the chairman of Kitale golf club, doubled on the fateful night, was laid off by both of them as they leaved around 11pm.Both men fired him from the back window before removing cash and other factors.

“One of then told us to get out of the car and hand over all we possessed . My husband immediately recognized himself as an officer of safety. In a minute, the car fired a shot and he began shouting in pain,’ Yator’s wife Esther Nandutu told the press. She recounted how the criminal pulled her out of the car and asked her to lie on top of her dying husband prior to departure.

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