2021 WWE Money in the bank results.

After a slow start to the Dickies Arena Money at the Bank in Fort Worth, Texas, three of the best matches and the return of the biggest superstar of his time ended the show. After a fierce battle between Universal Roman Reigns Champion and Edge, John Cena returned to the WWE, apparently making it known that he was ready for the SummerSlam shoot.

This closing part of the show, along with the Women’s Race and Women’s Excitement in Money at the Men’s Level Match will be a lasting memory of WWE’s first major show when promotions return. . Now the procession to SummerSlam begins, with John Cena leading the parade.

CBS Games was with you throughout the event, providing updates and summaries when the action was revealed. Keep reading to get results, ratings and attractions from any action from the night.

2021 Money in Bank results, notes
SmackDown Team Championship – The Mysterios (c) vs Usos: Usos dominated the first half of the match, battling alternatives against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Dominik received a hot label to take Jimmy Face, hitting the moon jump on the yeast for a double count. The speed was short-lived, with Usos grabbing Dominik from the top rope and a man crossing before taking him to the ring barrier. Rey received the next hot label and had a short run with Dominik out of the stage. The Usos eventually fought for Dominik back to the point of breaking two Usos superkicks. Rey survived the top rope from Rey before Jey marked with pins while Jimmy put his feet behind Jey’s back to help find the secret. It was a strong enough move and WWE has greatly improved to keep good kicking matches. The game could still spend another five minutes really delivering what he could. Usos explains. The Mysterios (c) to win titles. Category B

Women’s Money in the Bank – Asuka against Naomi against Alexa Bliss against Nikki Cross against Liv Morgan against Zelina Vega against Natalya against Tamina: There was a quick start to the Money Match in the Bank Match, everyone entering movement movements and also include Joy trying to use her “power” to call the wallet away from her. Tamina was the first woman to take control of the match before throwing Alexa Bliss down a ladder that was suspended in a corner. Morgan tried to climb the stairs to grab the backpack while Tamina carried it. Asuka finally ended Tamina’s early reign by hitting a bit heavier before things started a more open period.

The magic of grace finally came in when he climbed the ranks with Vega before forcing Vega back down. The thunder of the stairs and the last few kicks followed, and every woman had a moment when she almost won the game. Tamina and Natalya turned their attention to Joy before the other participants participated, burying Joy down the stairs in the ring.

Three levels were placed in the center of the ring, which allowed Asuka, Tamina, Morgan, Naomi, Vega and Natalya to fight for the bag to see the Cross – who is now known as Nikki A.S.H. in his new device “almost a hero” – ride everyone to grab a wallet and victory. An unexpected winner here, but there may be some fun with Nikki A.S.H. as Ms. Pesa in the Bank and it is hard to say that she does not deserve this opportunity. The game was not about the end of Money in Bank matches, but it was fun enough to watch, even though it was poor. Nikki A.S.H. he got money in the bank. Rating: C +

Raw Tag Team Tournament – AJ Styles & Omos (c) v Styles circled the ring with a powerful offense by the Raiders before clearing the ring and tying Omos, who threw Styles out of the ring at the huricanrana in Erik outside the ring. The attackers would eventually take Styles back before another label in Omos to regain control of the stage. The match returns in the same style, with Omos dominating only to mark the Styles dominated by rivals again before Omos closes again. Omos threw Ivar at the loud bang of the press.


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