23GSU graduates in viral clip video complete refresher course, set for deployment

A group of 23 General Service Unit (GSU) officers, photographed making remarks that appeared irresponsible and careless after graduation, completed a winter course at the Magadi Camp in Kajiado County.

They were sent for a three-month recreational course following the decision of their elders that they needed them with discipline.

Since then they have taken two weeks off before their new responsibilities are scheduled.

“It’s normal for all employers as soon as they graduate,” officials said.

The officers were among the 2,502 officers who qualified as GSU officers at the National Police Training College at Embakasi B College on December 10, 2021.

After graduation, a video clip emerged online that explained how they would deal with criminals, which led to disciplinary action.

“Hawa ni wale wazii…squad 26…papapa…We are coming out there…we are the bad ones…Squad 26…papapap,” the junior officers said in the clip that went viral.

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