25year old claims he’s ready to marry his 85year old girlfriend, hoping she doesn’t die before him.

Muima, 25, says he is ready to marry his 85-year-old girlfriend Thereza.

In an interview with Afrimax English, Muima revealed that they met during a house hunt and formed a close friendship.

He says Thereza called him husband, something he took for granted until they began to love each other.

“It’s my choice. It’s my happiness, just as everyone has theirs. Before you make others happy, first have fun and decide not to focus on someone else’s opinion. ” Muima said in an interview.

Thereza says after introducing Muima to her family, they expressed differing views and asked him to pay a dowry of 12 cows which he is willing to pay and hopes to hold their white wedding.

Some of her children, however, think it is a strange and embarrassing thing for their families.

The 85-year-old mother of eight children and 20 grandchildren says she is happy to be married to her boyfriend and can’t wait to put on her white dress.

“I have eight children and 20 grandchildren. Depending on the age of my partner, he could be my fifth grandchild. He loves me and I love him. I am ready to wear a wedding dress and earrings, ”she said.

Muima hopes Thereza will live longer as he vowed not to marry the young woman saying they claim.

He remembers one day when the grandmother brought him the food she was giving him very carefully before asking for a kiss that he gladly gave her.

“The way she was behaving and treating me (me) made me love her even though she is old and can really be my grandmother but I love her,” said Muima.

“I will never choose a girl other than this one. I beg pray for her not to die before me,” he added.

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