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2nd wife to late De Matthew chased away in a Family feud

A long time since the grievous passing of the incredible Kikuyu performer John De Matthew on 18 August 2019, disorder visited his family when his subsequent spouse was tossed out of the home she imparted to the departed.

In an update Carolynne Waithera made via web-based entertainment, she uncovered that only one of her late spouse’s companions has been determining the status of her after everybody deserted her.

“I swear Njogu was your companion, he has been determining the status of me and your little Matthew ‘Simba’. How I wish you can return and realize that you didn’t have companions.

Yet, then again, you had a couple of genuine companions… I wish you knew how your family regarded me too after your end. They even tossed me out of our home, where I brought forth your child… ” Carolynne composed.

De Matthew two wives - Caroline and Sarafina file image
De Matthew two wives – Caroline and Sarafina file image

She added that regardless of the difficulties, she had never needed as God had been devoted to her.

This disclosure comes as a shock thinking about how the co-spouses Carolynne and the main wife, Sarafina Wairimu, dazed Kenyans with their demonstration of solidarity at De Matthew’s internment.

Sarafina went to the degree of soothing Carolynne, guaranteeing her that all will be well and nobody would divide them.

“Carolynne has regarded me and we don’t maintain that anybody should interfere with us. Our kids live respectively together as one and nothing will change after our significant other’s passing.

There are individuals attempting to affect us. You will scarcely believe, there is no space. We are nearer than at any other time and God is in charge,” expressed Sarafina at the entombment went to by President Uhuru Kenyatta among different dignitaries.

The two proceeded to deliver a Kikuyu tune together, endeavoring to stroll in their late spouse’s shoes.

How Sarafina and Carolynne came to be co-spouses began as emotional as can be anticipated. In a 2019 Switch TV interview, Sarafina uncovered that she hadn’t forever been for the possibility of polygamy however gotten used to the marriage dynamic seven years into their association.

Sarafina uncovered that she struggled with where she might have missed the mark for her significant other to start discussions about getting a subsequent spouse. She later conceived a method for affirming if to be sure there was one more lady in her significant other’s life and defied him.

Because of a paranoid fear of wrecking his music profession, Sarafina said she would have rather not worried him about the new relationship even as Carolynne proceeded to uncover that De Matthew requested of her to meet Sarafina.

“He promised to pursue me away assuming I would not meet Sarafina. He was exceptionally extreme thus I proceeded the gathering. We met at a lodging and from that point forward, we have been companions,” Carolynne added.

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