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3 Police officers defamed over children killer Wanjala’s cell escape.

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Three police officers on duty when the assassin confessed that Masten Wanjala escaped from custody were brought to court in Milimani on Thursday.


Police want to detain police officers – Phillip Mbithi, Boniface Mutuma and Precious Mwinzi – for 14 days to allow them to complete the investigation.

In an affidavit from Inspector General Wanga Masake, the government says the three officers were arrested on October 13 on suspicion of committing an offense to help a prisoner escape in contravention of the clause. 124 of the Criminal Code.

Masake said the three men neglected to prevent Wanjala’s escape – a role they were required to perform under the National Police Service Act.

“The offense took place on the night of October 12 to 13 and the fugitive was not arrested again,” the affidavit states.

He further added that preliminary investigations revealed that the three men ignored him and helped the suspect escape.

Attorney Danstan Omari, representing the three police officers, said he would oppose the request of his clients to be arrested.

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