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30-Year old boda-boda man kills himself after drinking spree.

A 30-year old man has killed himself by hanging himself yesterday night in Machakos county. The man hanged himself at the roof of his parent’s kitchen.

The body of the man was found dangling from the roof of the kitchen in his parent’s home.

The incident was confirmed by the area chief Stephen Musyoka. The chief gave the reason of suicide as a mystery of the man.

“The reason why the man decided to end his life is a mystery to the family ,” Chief stated.

The chief also added that according to the family, the man was seen last night in a drinking spree with some of his friends in a local pub.

At around 10;30 pm the same evening of the spree, the man headed home and hanged himself. His body was discovered the body today morning and reported the matter.

According to the family, the man had not communicated about anything troubling him or having any life issues that could have led to him ending his own life.

The body now lies at Machakos level 5 hospital awaiting burial arrangements as police continue with their investigation.

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