A man in Kawangware runs for his life after finding police’s shoes outside his lover’s house.

Drama ensued on Sunday in the outskirts of Kawangware , Nairobi county after a man allegedly found the police shoes outside his girlfriends house.

In the report as shared by Nairobi journal on Facebook , a man who is said to be a shopkeeper just a stone throw around the same plot where his lover resides, decided to visit his lover’s house in the afternoon as usual but was surprised to seeing the jungle shoes outside his lover’s house.

“I value my life, I don’t want to be killed this early , I usually pay rent for the lady since 2017 but ni sawa tu, let her continue with the police officer” The man told the neighbors who spotted him running.

The man is also said to have had plans of marrying the mentioned lover but it seems the plans might be dismantled.

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