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34 people dead and 70 remaining trapped after train derails inside tunnel.

At t 34 people have died and 70 remain trapped after a train carrying around 350 passsengers derailed inside a tunnel in Taiwan.

Dozens are injured , with rescuers trying to access several badly damaged carriages inside the tunnel.

According to BBC media, eight-carriage train hit a construction vehicle that had slipped onto the tracks.

The train which was moving from Taipei to Taitung, was carrying people travelling for the annual Tomb sweeping festival. Many people may have been standing because the train was so full.

Taiwan’s president has already issued a statement saying that the highest priority is recueing those trapped.

“rescuing those trapped is our highest priority now,” Tsai Ing-wen stated.

It is yet to be known how the train slipped down the embankment.

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