4 IEBC commissioners explain on why they rejected the results

The four IEBC magistrates who dismissed Monday’s official outcomes have given explanations for their choice.

In a press explanation read by executive Juliana Cherera on Tuesday at Serena Hotel, the chiefs said the total of the rates of the outcomes were a numerical silliness that make no sense.

They said that the summation of rates of votes granted to each to every one of the four official applicants surpassed 100%.


“This summation provides us with a sum of 100.01 percent. This means roughly 142,000 votes which will have a massive effect in the eventual outcomes,” Cherera said.

In the outcomes, President-elect William Ruto got 7,176,141 votes addressing 50.49 percent of the last vote while Raila Odinga got 6,942,930 meaning 48.85 percent.

George Wajackoya got o.44 percent of the vote while David Waihiga got 0.27 percent .

“At the point when we requested that we check the outcomes, the director declined and demanded pronouncing and reporting the outcomes,” she added.

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