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4children narrate how they managed to escape 16-hours kidnapping incident in Kiambu.

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Four children recounted tragic incidents of how they avoided a 16-hour kidnapping incident in Gatuanyaga area, Kiambu County.

The children, aged between seven and 11, were reportedly abducted while playing outside their homes at around 2pm on Sunday evening, January 9, media reports.

However, a black two-bedroom car stopped and four people, three men and a woman, got out of the car. One of the children recounted how they were forced to spray a sleeping pill and put it in a car.

When the two boys and two girls regained consciousness, they found themselves in a small dark room with their limbs locked.

Fearing that the kidnappers would harm them, the older boy began to prepare the way. As he examined the room, he noticed a window covered with a piece of paper.

This prompted the child to take immediate action and open the window and help others escape.

“I managed to get started, I woke up the other kids and we ran away. It was a horrible 16-hour incident,” he told the media.

The four fled and were eventually found by relatives searching for the missing children.

Before the sleep apnea was over, the children revealed that they had been watching the abductors closely.

“There were three tall men and the fourth is a short woman. The woman had short hair,” said one of the victims.

Deputy Sub-County Police Commander Muthee Nyaga has warned parents to be very careful about the safety of their children.

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