5-year old survives cable crash , lost his parents and wakes up with Amnesia.

Five year old Eitan Brian the sole survivor of Italian cable crash which led to 14 people death including five of his family members. Parents Amit and Tal, two year old brother and grandparents.

With the major cause of the crash unknown, but is believed the engineers noted brake faults when the services reopened but choose not to repair. Rather they kept a temporary fork device in the brakes to keep the device running and avoid delays.

Three people were arrested , at the cable company for manslaughter charges after the device installed kept the emergency brakes causing them to fail when the cable snapped.

Eitan made it alive when the cable car plunged 20 feet into the side of a mountain near Lake Maggiore.

The boy is suffering from post -traumatic amnesia.

“He remembers nothing of the terrible incident, but all the test have ruled out all neurological damage,” according to the medics.


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