588M graft case against Waititu adjourned

Previous Kiambu Lead representative Ferdinand Waititu unite case in which he was blamed for unpredictable honor of a Sh588 million street delicate has been dismissed.

He was denounced close by 12 others.

The Workplace of the Directorate of Public Indictment said that Waititu had petitioned for an intermission and was allowed by Milimani Boss Judge.

“Milimani Boss Judge today considered a deferment by the safeguard group in a matter including previous Kiambu Lead representative Ferdinand Waititu and 12 others accused of the unpredictable honor of Sh588 million street delicate.”

A file image of Ferdinard Waititu
A file image of Ferdinard Waititu

ODPP said that the indictment drove Leaning on an unshakable conviction Mwila and Linda Mwamburi was prepared with two observers.

“The arraignment has created 27 observers for the situation.”

The case will currently be heard on October 14, 2022.

This isn’t whenever the matter first is being concluded.

In August 2020, Waititu told the court he tried positive for Coronavirus, provoking the court to dismiss the matter.

He delivered treatment notes from Super Consideration showing he has been put on bed rest for seven days.

Justice Thomas Nzyoki in October 2020 said he wouldn’t engage further deferments.

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