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7 Thieves swept compound till morning due to Witchcraft.

Having lost trust in authorities and police most people decide to protect their properties using their own means.

In a recent incident in an identified community, the local residents woke up to a shocking event after an alarm was sound that a seven men gang was found sweeping compound early hours of the morning, they are believed to have robbed the house, but the escape was unsuccessful.

According to one resident at the scene, the robbers are reported to have broken into a homestead and successfully managed to steal cash amounting to a total of $800 [US dollars] and several electronic devices.

At the compound their were several machetes and other crude weapons believed to be arms of the thieves.

After the successful stealing from the house things took a different lane as they were not able to leave the compound, the seven used the machetes to cut off branches which they used to sweep the compound till morning came.

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