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Femininity Friday

7 Types of guys you’ll meet while in the dating zone.

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I guess that’s where they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. In this process, you meet, date, and dump or break up with all kinds of men. For those new to the dating scene, these are the types of men you will meet.

  1. Personable.

The only thing this man does well is make you laugh. He knows how to push the right buttons and will take you to places you’ve never been before. He knows how to use words to capture and hold your attention and each of them has a reason to be said.

Mr. Charm has an aura that you will find difficult to resist and at the end of your conversation, he will remain in your mind. Sometimes you may even wonder how he got those lines or how he continued the conversation.

However, be very careful with this type of men. They have the ability to shut you down quickly so you don’t see their bad things. If you find yourself being drawn in, take a moment to clear your mind.

  1. Love Bomber.

He will confess his love to you in a short time, ask you to be his wife and give him children. He will bring expensive gifts and be very generous with his words. He’ll call you “my wife” before you even know his middle name.

This man will paint a beautiful picture in your head and blow you away with all the beauty. Your girlfriends will be jealous of you but you have to be very careful with the romantic attacker.

His rush to beat you is a huge red flag. Why does he want to lock you up ASAP? Why is he on your space 24/7, texting you endlessly and calling you all the time to check on you? It is easy to confuse this with intense love and romance. Don’t fall into his trap.

  1. Who really wants to find you.

He is the type of man who will continue to be high even after you reject him. He will continue to hope that you will change your mind and consider him as a romantic partner. He will jump through all the hoops to prove his love for you. He will always be available when you call and will give you a shoulder to lean on.

You will always have access to him and will always find a way to help you even when he is connected. In all honesty, even if you want to answer for everything he did, the last thing you should do is give yourself up for pity.

  1. Ambitious boy.

Yes! You will meet men who will want to sleep with you and once you do you will never see him again. You can tell by the type of conversation it generates. If he always makes suggestive comments, then you know what he’s thinking. The best you can do is stay away.

  1. A selfish person.

He is the person who always talks about his assets and his talent in everything. He wants you to know that he owns the whole world and drives the latest car. He is good at living beyond his means and will probably make a lot of promises just to show that he is the man.

  1. Nice Boy.

He says yes to everything and never gets angry. He accommodates your wishes and will never oppose your opinion because he does not want to upset you. He’s the kind of guy you feel sorry for and sometimes you’re afraid to even propose because you feel like you’re taking advantage of him.

  1. Gentleman.

I have to give women hope. One thing we need to clarify is that he will not always be wearing a suit and working in the corporate world, flying around the world. What sells him is his demeanor. The way he approaches you, talks to you, treats others and behaves.

He is the one who will be patient and allow this relationship to evolve like a dance. You will exchange many things if not everything. Some of you remember meeting a gentleman, but since he wasn’t wearing Hugo Boss or a Rolex watch, you let him pass you by.

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