7-year old girl raped in a church toilet during a wedding ceremony

Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly molested a 7-year-old girl in a church toilet in Kiambu during a wedding on Saturday.

The National Police Service said in a statement that a report on the incident had been submitted to Gatundu Police Station.

The girl’s mother reportedly allowed her daughter to use the church toilet at around 4pm but became worried after failing to return on time.

A distraught parent began to watch and be greeted by the bloody incident of her helpless baby lying in a pool of blood inside the toilet.

The child said a stranger stormed the bathroom door and violently insulted her, threatening to do worse if she asked for help.

The innocent victim was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital from Gatundu Level V Hospital where he was rushed for treatment.

She was hospitalized in critical condition.

“The National Police Service strongly condemns the heinous crime committed against the child and wishes him a speedy recovery,” the NPS said.

The NPS assured the family that it would gather the necessary resources to ensure that the culprit was quickly arrested and prosecuted.

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