70-year old Gatundu man circumcised after death.

A 70-year-old man from Gatundu was circumcised this week by the elders shortly before his funeral after discovering he had never passed the ceremony.

The incident took place in the mortuary of Gatundu Hospital, where family members, friends and the elderly had gone to collect the body for burial.


The mortuary staff informed the elders that the man, who was a respected elder, had not been circumcised.

“We could not bury him like that because it is against our culture. He even brought two goats to the board to be admitted to the board, but it was a surprise for all of us, “said one of the elders quoted .

According to some elders, the man had also gone through all the steps required by the elder to be accepted into the council.

The rite of purification is also recommended for the council of elders because it is a taboo for an elder to be accepted in the uncircumcised council.

Also, in the future, men who join the board would be examined to avoid such “embarrassment”.

“This should be a call to wake up the elderly because we need to find a way to prove that those who want to join have received this right to pass,” added another.


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