9 Issues Supreme Court is set to determine in the petition

The Supreme Court of Kenya has chosen nine main points of contention deciding in the official petition is set.

Talking on Tuesday, Chief Justice Martha Koome expressed that subsequent to solidifying the petitions, the court had chosen nine issues for assurance.

“The court having considered the printings that were recorded, the entries and all reports that were documented we have outlined nine issues,” Koome said.

A file image of Supreme Court bench of judges
A file image of Supreme Court bench of judges

Supreme Court: The issues for assurance incorporate;

-Whether the innovation conveyed by IEBC satisfied guidelines of trustworthiness, unquestionable status, security and straightforwardness to ensure exact and certain outcomes.
-Whether there was impedance with transferring and transmission of structures 34A from surveying stations to the IEBC public entryway.
-Whether there was a contrast between structures 34A transferred in the gateway and those got at the National Tallying Center and structures 34A gave to specialists at surveying stations.
-Whether delay of gubernatorial races in Kakamega and Mombasa areas, parliamentary decisions in Kitui Rural, Kacheliba, Rongai and Pokot South, and Nyaki West and Mukuru kwa Njenga wards brought about citizen concealment to the drawback of the solicitors in request number E005/2022.
-Whether there were unexplained inconsistencies between votes cast for official competitors and different positions.
-Whether IEBC did check, counting and statement of results as per arrangements of articles 138 (3) (c) and 138 (10).
-Whether the proclaimed president-elect achieved 50% in addition to one vote of the absolute votes cast as per article 138 (4) of the Constitution.
-Whether there were inconsistencies and lawless acts of such size as to influence the eventual outcome of the official political race.
-What reliefs and orders can this court (Supreme Court) issue.

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