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A father hires a gang for sh. 160,000 to kill his son.

The DCI on hold of four suspects alleged to have killed a rich 32-year-old Nyeri based businessman, Daniel Mwangi.

The heinous act happened on 1st January of this year in his residence at Wendiga village. On that fateful day, neighbors woke up to find Daniel’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood at the entry gate to him home.

What shocked everyone is that the said merciless killer stole nothing from late Daniel, not even his Volkswagen Golf car that was found at the scene of crime packed safely beside his dead body.

But after two months of a probe by DCI detectives, it has been revealed that one Mr. Wang’ondu who’s also the father to the deceased , paid the assassins a total of 160,000 sh to kill the son following a family feud.

The first suspect whom the detectives narrowed to was mr wang’ondu driver, Mahinda who after being arrested and interrogated, revealed that he received facilitation fee of 20, 000 sh from late Daniel’s father . to mobilize the assassinators and help them execute their plan.

After for falling for not the sweet deal, Mahinda reached to two of his friends gang team at Embu. He went, picked them and travelled back to Nyeri. Mahinda would then brief the gang on the whereabouts of their target, his residence, movements and his regular car.

The three would then purchase a murder weapon at local hardware in Mweiga, Nyeri town then proceed to kill the young businessman Daniel Mwangi, at the wee hours of 1st January 2021.

The four suspects , James Mahinda[driver] Stephen Wang’ondu [ Daniel’s father], Geoffery Waturi and Eddy Karuiki [ embu men] alongside a Charity Muchiri also believed to be part of the team , are currently under police custody as Investigations continue.

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