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A mother allegedly finds her son mad in Nairobi three years after graduating from University.

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The photos of a mother helping a mad man dressed in tattered clothes in the streets of Nairobi on Tuesday 23rd, February have gone viral in various social media platforms.

However, people allege that the mad man is the son of the woman captured helping him. It also alleged that the mad man got lost three years ago after graduating from the university of Nairobi and since then the mother has never set her eyes on him until yesterday when she found him mad and dressed in tattered clothes in the streets.

The cause of the madness of the man is still unknown . It left most of the social media platform consumers guessing what could be the cause of the madness of the young man.

KTN news through a statement in the official Facebook page have requested anyone who knows the whereabouts or the contact of the mother to contact them.

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