‘A place to speak freely’, Trump new communication platform.

Donald Trump has launched a communication website that is set to publish content straight from the desk of the former US President.

Users will be able to like the post and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Former President Trump was banned from all social media platforms[ Twitter, Facebook and YouTube] in January after the Capitol riots.

Since then, Mr. Trump has been releasing statements by press release- which the new website will host.

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This move comes a day from a decision from the Facebook oversights board on whether to ban Trump permanently.

According to Kara Swisher, Technology columnist for New York times, the website is a blog. She claims not to know the overall plan of the website.

” I don’t know what the overall plan is because he has some very sharp digital advisers. It is just the beginning of him attempting to re-establish a louder ability to participate in the digital media.” Kara spoke to BBC radio.

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