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A teacher collapses in court after being found guilty of sex abuse.

An elementary school teacher passed through the podium when she was convicted by a Nairobi court of defiling a Standard Six student.

When Senior Magistrate David Ndungi found him guilty the father of two Fredrick Wango who was teaching a school in the city collapsed.


“Wango was fleeing from school, he came home at about 10 am when his wife and children left to attack a teenage girl who was his student.

After the defendant recovered, he was asked to remain seated so that the court could finalize the decision.

The judge said he believed the testimony of the complainant, who provided a clear description of the romantic relationship he had with his teacher between 2015 and 2016.

“The little girl did not remember how many times the suspect had insulted her. He threatened her with serious consequences if she exposed the matter as illegal and illegal, ”Ndungi said.

The judge said that when the secret act could no longer be hidden, the accused persuaded the girl to go to her residence in Mathare property around 6am while she was going to school and lock her inside the House.

When the girl did not return home that day, her teacher called her school around 6pm and reported it to the police.

The girl was later found in her teacher’s house wearing a school uniform.

The teacher was arrested and the girl was taken to hospital for a medical examination.

Health reports submitted to the court showed the girl was contaminated with semen and her song was broken due to frequent sexual intercourse.

The court ruled that Wango had turned the young girl into his wife because she “testified that she could enter in co-operation with the accused”.

“The prosecution has proved that the defendant defiled the plaintiff,” the court said.

Mr Ndungi rescinded the suspect’s bail and ordered his detention pending trial and sentencing.

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