A vampire-like Man kills a child headed to school and eats body parts of the child

Residents in Kisasi Village in Kitui were left in shock after a youthful man killed a child and feasted on her body parts.

The child was in a group of three other pupils heading to school when the vampire-like man attacked them.

According to the sources, the 5-year-old kindergarten girl was heading to school at around 7am when the attacker abducted and took her into a nearby forest.

He chopped the girl’s head off and ate her brain.

The other pupils who managed to escape are the ones who alerted their teacher of what had happened to one of their colleagues.

The teacher then went ahead and informed the police officers who went to the crime scene caught the man red-handed, eating the pupil’s brains.

Kanduti chief, Mary Muvengei told the media that police managed to locate the suspect after they followed a blood trail into the forest.

An angry mob is said to have beaten up the man to death.

a very sad story.


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