Abby’s mother expose that she didn’t consent to Kabi WaJesus posting their daughter.

Wajesus’ cousin Ciku Dotty expressed shock when Kabi posted publicly the child they had to Internet users.

The YouTube guy, real name Peter Kabi, shared a video on Tuesday with his daughter Abby enjoying their first trip together.

Kabi and Abby; image/courtesy

He also opened up social media pages on behalf of the girl, perhaps introducing her to her social media work.

However, confusion erupted throughout the program after Abby’s mother denied her action by insisting she had not given her permission.

Responding to DM from blogger Edgar Obare, she criticized her cousin for ignoring the girl’s feelings.

Hi Edgar, I am so shocked that he posted Abby without my consent. So far he is doing what he wants and what is right for him, regardless of Abby’s feelings or what she has been through, she wrote.

Yesterday’s development, however, indicates that Kabi has decided to become more involved with his daughter’s life.

It comes after he recently shared a video of him buying Abby school supplies, which has delighted many of his fans.

His change of attitude came after he had previously denied being the girl’s father and even reached the point of wanting a DNA test whose results were controversial.

Responding to the outcome, he admitted that he was indeed the girl’s father and vowed to hold the child accountable.

He apologized for his earlier remarks after admitting to giving false information.

I know this news is coming to shock many of you who are watching and watching us. I am also aware that my public opinion on this has given rise to false opinions which I deeply regret, he said.

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