Kenya’s biggest problem is electing leaders from one tribe – Abdiriizak Nunow tells IEBC panel.


Dr Abdirizak Arale Nunow, one of the 34 candidates interviewed for the post of IEBC commissioner, says Kenya’s biggest problem is electing a national leader from the community in every general election.

Nunow, who appeared before the nomination council on Wednesday, said it was important to provide equal opportunities for all Kenyans, and if he succeeded in joining the commission, he would advise on gaining independence from the presidency.

“The only way to make the presidency attractive is making sure everyone is treated equally. the issue of having a tribal chief at all times is a problem. I look forward to the day when Mohamed will be elected in Kakamega and vice versa. This can be achieved through nationalism, “he told the panel.

The only way for Kenya to have free, fair and credible elections is for all to have the complete destruction of voting technology and IEBC registration the day before the election, Nunow, a lecturer at Moi University, Eldoret believes.

He said the election agency was not clear enough about how it spent money in previous years of elections.

When asked how he would help the IEBC end its funding crisis, he replied: “I think with my good PR communication I am able to identify different public interest organizations. Elections and the ability to support the organization. You just need a very high level of transparency and accountability. for donors to believe that their money is being spent wisely.

On the issue of access to IEBC technology, Nunow said the commission should only allow high-level individuals to access its technology to avoid a situation that raises criticism over its handling of elections.

“You need very high-level, high-level people to access IEBC technology. If you give technology to people who can be bought or who will favor a certain King, then you may also not use that technology, ”he said.

A former commissioner in the Kenya Constitutional Review Commission (CKRC) also saw it as illegal for the IEBC to have dead voters on its register, but that depends on the number.

“Having dead voters on register is illegal. Changes and disadvantages are two different things. The number of dead voters is also important, ”he said.

Nunow is the first candidate to be interviewed for the post of IEBC commissioner, after former National Police member Abdalla Mohamed withdrew from his race on Wednesday morning due to dubious copies of lessons.

Nunow, a former teacher, serves on the board of the Kenya Competition Authority as a non-executive director, served as commissioner of the Kenya Constitutional Review Commission (CKRC) and was elected in 2011 by the National Assembly to sit on IGAD Coalition (UIP). -IGAD) as Director of Social Affairs and Environment.

The oral interview will end on July 22.

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