Abel Mutua reveals the last conversation he had with Polycarp minutes before his death

Kenyan entertainer cum content maker Abel Mutua, has declared the passing on of one of his fans Polycarp Amyunzu by suicide.

“Our feelings of trepidation have been affirmed. Polycarp is no more. We genuinely made an honest effort. I surmise our best wasn’t sufficient. Rest well Buddy,” he posted on his Instagram.

This comes following a day of posting on his YouTube channel requesting that his fans assist him with following his whereabouts.

Describing how the trial occurred, Abel moniker Mkurugenzi said, “It was on 26th September we were having gatherings with his significant other. The gathering took some time, we left at around 3:00 pm having begun it at around past late morning.

Around 2:00 pm our work’s telephone (the one we use for stock) was ringing to such an extent. We thought it was somebody who had accepted their product however found it was flawed.”

Abel added, “After the gathering, while we were driving home, we got back to help this client. We tracked down somewhere around six to seven missed calls.”

Abel Mutua
A file image of Abel Mutua

The person, then again, after getting the call said, “You’ve called excessively late. It is past the point of no return I have proactively decided. I don’t think this world is for me any longer.”

Conversing with Abel, Polycarp added, “I have done a few horrible things, I don’t have the foggiest idea how to live any longer. I do not know of how to go about existence any longer.”

Making sense of that life had been hard, his significant other was pregnant and due and he couldn’t give, Abel convinced Polycarp to wait as he would take care of him.

Polycarp didn’t lie about his area saying, he was off the Karen sidestep and has headed off to some place in a woods having strolled a couple of meters. He is exploring for a decent situation to hang himself.

Abel vowed to go to where he was nevertheless Polycarp prevented him. Giving Abel his significant other’s contact and afterward hanging up, Abel attempted to contact Polycarp back however the line was not going through.

Having a discussion with Mary (Polycarp’s significant other), Abel got to realize that Mary was expected and they had a few fights.

Abel took a stab at arriving at the police through 999 with two has a go at being fruitless however one police proved to be useful.

“Times are hard yet I accept there are arrangements. It’s anything but a must we end it all. More often than not arrangements are not among your nearest individuals but rather outsiders. Thus, on the off chance that you feel, you’ve raised a ruckus around town of the street, call me,” Abel encouraged his fans.

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