AFCON; 8people dead , dozens hospitalized in Yaounde stampede

At least eight people are believed to have died and several others injured in an accident outside the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Video footage shows football fans struggling to reach the Paul Biya Stadium in the capital Yaoundé district.

The baby is among those who died, according to a health ministry report obtained by the AFP news agency.

AFCON logo

Another report showed that several children had lost consciousness.

The airport has a capacity of 60,000 people, but due to Covid restrictions it was not required to fill more than 80%.

Match officials reportedly said about 50,000 people were trying to attend.

Journalist Leocadia Bongben was at the game. He told the BBC Newsday program that he had seen violence erupting in the “fan” area outside the stadium.

“People started shouting, a minute later an ambulance arrived at the stadium, but when we arrived at the scene, the police did not allow us to get near the scene of the riot,” he said.

She had received a list of eight people who lost their lives, he said.

“It’s really a very sad situation that people go and watch a game and end up dying there.”

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