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Aisha Jumwa compares crowd at Ruto’s rally to dogs.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was outraged on Wednesday, May 25 during a protest led by Vice President William Ruto at Msabaha land in Kilifi County.

Jumwa was speaking at a joint conference organized by her party, UDA, and the African Union (PAA), chaired by Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi.

However, a civil war with her rival George Kithi erupted in public as part of the crowd shouted at Jumwa to end her speech and give the AAP candidate a chance.

In a video seen by Sambazanews, Jumwa, who appeared to be agitated, accused some PAA supporters of attending a rally to disrupt his speech and humiliate her in front of Ruto.

“I urge UDA supporters to remain silent. You have come for the meeting while others are open to doing their job (preventing her from speaking),” Jumwa said.

She later allowed Kithi to give his statement and as soon as he started speaking, the noise subsided, causing the Malindi MP to quickly utter sarcastic remarks.

“Mr. George Kithi, every dog listens to its owner, so talk to your people and calm down,” Jumwa said, gesturing her disapproval to the security team handling the gathering.

In the wake of the turmoil he witnessed, the flag bearer of the president of Kenya First decided to address the crowd from his car instead of slides prepared for him.

The two candidates set aside their differences and vowed to work together to win Ruto’s presidential election, even though Jumwa demanded that the DP give him a national government post to his rival AAP.

“Sir, I urge you to reserve a special seat in the national government. Let him serve the country at this level and allow me to fight our rivals in the race to succeed Governor Kingi,” he said.

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