Akothee clears air on what she meant by women not supporting broke men.

Akothee few days ago posted on her social media platforms saying that a man must provide solutions. Women are meant to support men’s vision. She stated that there is a big problem when a man is comfortably broke and expects his woman to support him.

She advised women not to waste money investing in whom you don’t see a future with. She added that women should not be taking loans just for their man. That’s like buying love and it’s not advisable.

A question arose from her post. Women asked Akothee if it’s okay to support your husband when he losses his job.?

Akothee answered this question with a lot of wisdom. She said that there is a big difference between husband losing job and a man who just want to be kept. She advised the women to support their husband in good times and bad. Also women should not go around telling everyone that they are the breadwinners.

Furthermore, women should learn to to differentiate a boyfriend, a fiancée, a sex partner , a husband and a good time friend who is a boy. Just know where to invest , when, how and why.

“This where people go wrong. A man who has lost his job , is different from one who want to be kept like a pet. If your husband losses a job , or is disabled due to unforeseen circumstances. You will have to support him without feeling overwhelmed. That’s why marriage is good, it’s security for both.

Both should support each other both in times of need. And women avoid going around announcing to everyone that they are the bread winners since their husbands lost their jobs. This finishes a man’s ego and drive them to depression.

Women have been empowered and can fetch for themselves, this doesn’t give them the audacity to look down upon men.

Men were providing tirelessly before women woke up. It’s all about understanding .

Your boyfriend is not your husband differentiate between

  1. A boyfriend
  2. A fiancée
  3. A sex partner
  4. A husband
  5. A good time friend who is a boy.

You will know where to invest, when, how and why. Women support your husbands.” Akothee posted.

This advice is one in a millions. Akothee is a women full of wise words.


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