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Akothee proudly shares her first small matrimonial house, together with all it’s memories.

Akothee first matrimonial house
@akothee Facebook.

Akothee a musician and well known as madam boss went ahead in her social media pages and posted her small and first matrimonial house.

The reason for posting the house is to encourage that no one is limited to achieve and all one needs is courage to make a move and take the next step.

“This is my home , the house where I conceived my first 4 children

my matrimonial home.

1.Vesha Awour Okello @veshashaillan

2.Retret Roberts Woddy Okello

3.Celine Dion Aggry Brown Okello

4. Prudence Vanpelt Okello @fancy_makadia

The second born did not make it, he died at 8months and was buried behind this house.

I lived in this house with my children while their dad was in the University , I had a small shop at Kanga market , which I could only afford to open in the evening for one hour after I came back from school.

I would wake up early in the morning, prepare my kids for school, drop them at kinda garten [ kanga teachers quoters] then walk 2 kilometers to Kanyaseranga secondary school, to finalize my secondary school which I had left in form two.

One more time,


My children looks like their father because when I am in a relationship , I concentrate on one man at a time , and when it’s over , I have COURAGE to move on.

well again,

Courage.” Akothee posted.

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