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Akothee recounts how her swiss baby daddy threw her out while pregnant

Akothee has five youngsters who were sired by three different child daddies of various identities – a Kenyan, a Frenchman and a Swiss.

Her three little girls Vesha, Celly Rue and Prudence were fathered by her most memorable spouse Jared Okello while her children Ojwang and Oyoo were sired by the Frenchman and Swiss individually.

The mother of five has been in Europe for as long as week where she visited her girls in France. In Switzerland, where she likewise has a home, Akothee considered how her Swiss child daddy tossed her out when she was almost conceiving an offspring.

“I’m noticeably flawed, however trust me I am carrying on with the existence I never envisioned existed. Simply don’t surrender, this equivalent Switzerland I am visiting now, I was tossed around here 9 months pregnant back in 2009 🤣🤣🤣. ‘Return to Africa I have no energy nor family to deal with a pregnant lady, I am not even prepared for a spouse 🥺’ said my child daddy 👏💪,” Akothee composed.

A file image of Akothee with her swiss baby dadyy
A file image of Akothee with her swiss baby daddy

Akothee flew back to Kenya without a clinical testament

Most carriers permit pregnant ladies to go through their eighth month. Going during the 10th month is normally permitted assuming there is consent from the medical care supplier.

Akothee had to lie that she was a half year pregnant so the carrier could permit her to fly back home to Kenya after her mzungu child daddy tossed her out.

I considered hurling myself on the passing trains, my children were continually getting back to me back in Kenya, particularly Vesha, I remained neglected in Basel SBB during winter time February to be exact 🙆‍♂️ all cafés were shutting and I was nearly abandoned for those in Europe you understand what it feels at the train stations late hours when trains are closing down 🥺🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, we the ECHO🙆‍♂️🥺🥺.

“I had to fly back at 9 months, I faked the pregnancy to be a half year for the carrier to permit me return home,🙆‍♂️, Frankfurt Airport felt like prison. I simply needed to return home 🤲since then I detached from residing in Europe. I don’t not begrudge anything, I come here do my thing and back to AFRICAAAAA ❗️
AFRICAAAAA❗️ AFRIKAAAAAA.❗️,” Akothee composed.

While sharing a legacy photograph of herself in 2018, Akothee described how she lost her child since she missing the mark on cash to take him to the emergency clinic.

“I had just 3 kids however I had dropped 4 in my 10 years of marriage, one passed on at 8 months. I didn’t have the means to take him to the emergency clinic sufficiently early, or perhaps it was God’s time” she said.

Akothee got hitched to Jared Okello at 13 years old when she was as yet an understudy in secondary school in Homa Bay County.

She got her most memorable child at 14 years old, and by 16 she had previously conveyed four children. (also the person who kicked the bucket not long after conveyance)

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