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Akothee reveals her husband Omosh source of wealth.

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Famous musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee has criticized Kenyans who doubt the work and legitimacy of her husband, Mr Denis Shweizer aka Omosh.

Speaking on Instagram live at the weekend, the singer noted that some jealous Kenyans claimed there were suspicious things about her husband.

Akothee, however, pointed out that her husband is a farmer who focuses more on commercial farming.

“Many people were saying that this guy doesn’t look real, they were saying, this guy is suspicious, why haven’t they seen you since September?

You were walking here. When they saw you in the field, they said, this is a poor man. Because they saw you on the field. Did they ever see a white man in Rongo?” he complained.

At that time, Mr. Schweizer himself made it clear that he owned the fields he cultivated. “They don’t know I have farms,” he said.

Akothee revealed that most of her husband’s agricultural products are sold abroad while noting that most of the rich people in the country where he was born Schweizer of Switzerland are farmers.

“In fact, we export food to Europe. They told me about Holland, I think it is the number one flower farm. And in fact, in Switzerland, the richest people are farmers”, said the singer.

The mother of five has criticized Kenyans suggesting that most of them like to be associated with things that do not concern them.

Singer Akothee and her fiancé Dennis Shweizer aka Mister Omosh got married in a lavish wedding held at the Windsor Golf & Country Club Hotel in Nairobi on April 10, 2023.

Her second marriage was honored by prominent family members, close friends, artists and politicians in the country.

In total, at least 300 people were invited to the event. The 43-year-old celebrant has been trending on various social networks since the wedding took place on April 10, while many seemed to focus more on her husband Denis Schweizer.

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