Akuku Danger’s health worsen ; Closest friend Sandra Dacha gives an update.

It seems Kenyans celebrated too early the news that Akuku Danger had been transferred from ICU to HDU where he had been staying for almost 3 weeks.

The news from his camp made Kenyans happy as even doctors told his family that they only had to pay Ksh 1.5 million for his release.

But according to an update from his best friend, Sandra Dacha, the comedian got the worst of it.

Akuku, who was hospitalized for sickle cell anemia, is now suffering from heart disease.

image of Akuku Danger in hospital.

Using her Instastories, Sandra wrote; Infection of the heart. Tena imetoka wapi saa hii jameni…Dear Lord he needs to go back to his. Please heal him.’

Before adding, ‘Dear Lord, Akuku doesn’t deserve all these sicknesses…It’s too much for him. Muone huruma na umponye arudi kwa nyumba yake.’

From Sambazanews we only wish him a quick recovery.

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