Al-Shabaab accuses western nations including US for supporting Israel war.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine’s has led to shed of blood for so many people and others left homeless. Even with the ongoing war, the two countries continue to blame each other of aggression.

Israel has accused Palestine’s militants based in Hamas of firing thousands of rockets into Israel while Palestine’s accuse Israel of waging an air destruction campaign.

Somalia-based terrorist decided to air their views on the ongoing wars. The group issued a statement targeting Western Nations and at the same time applauding the Palestine.

Al-Shabaab accused of United Nations and France for supporting Israel monstrous wars. At the same time applauded Palestinians based in Jerusalem and Gaza for defending ‘tenents of Islam’.

This statement comes after last week on Saturday, French police clashed with protestors in Paris who were protesting against Israel bombardment of Gaza strip. Police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protestants.

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