Alchemist bar on the spot again for manhandling female reveler.

A popular Nairobi bar is on the spot after bouncers were caught on camera manhandling a woman.

In a video that has since gone viral, a female Alchemist bouncer is seen restraining a reveler. In the one minute fifty second video, the bouncer in a yellow t-shirt drags the woman on the ground as if trying to get them out of the establishment.

But the victim, dressed in all black, runs back in and is this time fighting a male bouncer. She gets into the bar but is once again restrained by two female bouncers.

The victim then sits in a corner. It is at this moment that the bouncers realize that they had been recorded by another reveler.

She then requested to leave when “one of them tried to grab my arm”. The security called the manager who told her that she did not have to delete the video.

“Having just witnessed the violence they committed against that young woman, their attempt to detain, intimidate, and censor me, made me scared for my well-being. What chance did I stand against these huge menacing men that so readily brandished their physical strength,” wrote Mwikali.

“I share this to not only stand up for myself, but to also highlight a blatant disregard for human life and human dignity. Alchemist had their chance to reform and less than a month later, they’re still perpetrating violence upon their fellow Kenyans.”

In May, Alchemist stood out as truly newsworthy after a reveler guaranteed it oppressed dark Kenyans.

Days after the fact, in any case, Emmanuel Murgor withdrew his cases saying the video he had shared was deluding and the foundation had no capacity to bear bigotry.

As per Murgor, his clasp could have portrayed racial segregation, which was not the situation.

Saying ‘sorry’ for sharing the video that became a web sensation that specific end of the week, Murgor said thanks to Alchemist for taking care of the matter with a ton of incredible skill.

He additionally requested that the joint hold the staff impacted by the episode. This he said as he noticed that no charges will be squeezed against him or the joint.

“The amazing skill with which they have taken care of the issue has been sensational no doubt.”

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