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Alfred Keter suffers another major blow

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has received a major blow after the Court of Appeal of Political Parties upheld the decision of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to annul its victory in a recent election.

The court ruled that Mr Keter’s appeal, which sought to have the party reversed by the party’s decision to grant him a nomination certificate for his rival Bernard Kitur, was unfounded.

In a decision handed down by a court headed by Stephen Ligunya, the PPDT upheld the decision of the UDA National Electoral Council.

He denied Mr Keter’s allegations that the Council was in fact wrong by law to invalidate his victory in the by-elections where he received 10,333 votes against Mr Kitur’s 7,468 votes.

The council annulled the victory after finding that the April 19 nomination exercise was marred by shortcomings such as vote-rigging and violence. Therefore, the victory of Mr. Keter was unusual.

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