Ali Mwatsau narrates how he survived the gun attack.

A Mombasa politician has described how he survived a gun attack on a busy highway in a coastal city.

Ali Mwatsahu was returning home after the evening prayer when he saw two cars following him. The politician said that although he was aware of the vehicles, he did not read any ill intentions and did not suffer from them.

In Tudor, a suburb of Mombasa, a car stopped him before people inside opened fire and shot him indiscriminately. The sound of gunfire shocked him and he realized that he had been beaten.

The gunmen continued to shoot at his car and hit him in the arms and legs. Mwatsahu walked a short distance while still on fire and reached the open public area.

“I was on my way from my home in Bamburi to Tudor when I saw a car following me near Bombolulu, but I did not pay much attention to it,” Mwatsahu said.

Ali Mwatsau

“But when I got to JCC Buxton in Tudor the car overturned to my right and the driver started firing at me.

“I don’t know how I managed to squeeze in to get in (under the steering wheel) … I just covered myself. Later I heard gunshots as if I had managed to get a little farther away so that the shooter could. appearing in public, but he fled, “he added.

Mwatsahu noted that only one tuktuk driver chose to assist him and rushed him to hospital. The politician said he had not met the man who saved his life.

At the hospital, doctors stopped bleeding and removed 12 bullets and scattered pieces from his body. However, he was told that a bullet in his leg would not be released due to the danger that could cause him.

“It is God. My time to leave the world had not yet come. I am forever grateful for the tuktuk driver who rushed me to this hospital while others refused. He saved my life, ”she recalls.

“This man is a good Samaritan and I would like to meet him as soon as he is removed from power. Wherever you are, please come and see me. I have to thank you accordingly,” he said.

The 51-year-old said his candidacy for the Mvita parliamentary seat was still strong and he would stand as an independent candidate. He had previously wanted to compete for a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

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