All four equity bank branch in Kisumu robbers escape despite the heavy police presence.

Four robbers involved in a shootout with police for more than four hours on Tuesday, November 23, fled the scene.

According to the local police chief, the four turned out to be clients while both bank employees and customers were transferred.


Speaking to reporters, Nyanza area commissioner Magu Mutindika noted that the thieves must have changed their clothes before it was discovered.

“We have a men’s shirt. We suspect that the thieves had changed their clothes and left the bank room while evacuating the distressed customers, ”he said.

Mutindika had previously complained that the operation to stop the robbery was canceled after the robbers threw tear gas at officers who responded to quell the crime.

Staff and customers who were evacuated from Angawa headquarters, Kisumu County, were taken to Centarl Police Station where they are expected to record their reports.

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