Amina Abdi apologies after bullying allegations.

Journalist Amina Abdi Rabar has apologized after some Kenyans accused her of being an abuser.

On Friday, January 21, on NTV’s The Trend program, Amina apologized for any feathers she may have denied and vehemently denied allegations that she was a toxic co-worker.

She noted that the debate started on Twitter about bad journalists and that her name was among those highlighted in the scandal.

Amina accused Kenyans on Twitter of spreading unconfirmed emails to convince the public that she was a poisonous co-worker.

“My name was dragged and pulled out among some people who had a lot of receipts and proof that they were not very easy to work with. There were a number of things that made people think they were somehow.

“My name was inserted there, it is very unfortunate and if there is anyone I have ever met who felt bad and I did not give him a warm welcome of his kind, I apologize,” Amina said.

The journalist said it was time for hee study and that is why she was able to easily respond to the allegations on live television.

Amina indulged in the harassment allegations after some social media users started a debate about celebrity media outlets who would not be able to afford to work with them.

YouTube Miss Miss Mandi has been called in by a former co-worker for making life difficult while working for a radio station in the country.

The employee alleged that Mandi mocked her, her clothes and even the food she brought to the office.

She further claimed that Mandi went a step further by making painful nicknames behind his back. She also claimed that she was put down because he did not have a certain accent.

“This woman made me those painful nicknames on my back and laughed at my face because I couldn’t afford high quality food for lunch, so I cooked my food and ate it. I was taking it,” my colleague said.

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