“Andrew Kibe is being ‘kept’ by a 50year old woman,” Eric Omondi reveals.

incase you missed this.

The verbal battle between Eric Omondi and Andrew Kibe seems to be escalating, with Eric taking several photos of the former radio presenter.

In a recent video on Instagram, Eric said: “Andrew Kibe lives in a woman’s house in America and sleeps in a woman’s bed. Her name is Judith and she is 57 years old. let him work like other men! Kenyans must help Kibe. He has neither front nor back. We have done our research. “

Andrew Kibe goes to a woman’s house in America, eats a woman’s food

and sleeps in a woman’s bed. The person appointed by the Mother has no moral authority to deal with anyone. Return to Kenya to work like other men.

Eric’s response comes after Kibe attacked him last week over wearing clothes while he was painting his drawings.

“Eric, I’m talking to you guys. I saw him make a video yesterday, wearing a crab, wearing a make-up, selling a political candidate. I wondered why? I don’t need to dress like a woman talking to women… Women respond to men… How is your ID written? Either is Erica… You have to change your ways. You see the behavior of kidem now you. And from the moment you see the behavior of the demem we must tell you now. Stay your f * relative of $ $ brother.

What will this meat be like? All I know is that Kibe will come back trembling.


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