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Another Big Ship stuck in the Suez Canal

For the third time this year, the ship sank in the Suez Canal in Egypt. We all remember Ever Ever, which disrupted the shipping industry by drowning in a canal for six days. It seems that the popular ship now has imitators.

On Thursday, the Panamanian MV Coral Crystal – a vessel designed to carry cargo such as grain or coal – circled the southern part of the Suez Canal en route to Port Sudan, the Metro reports. UK. . The ship sank for 34 miles and blocked four ships while the towers were doing their magic. It is the second ship to be stranded on the canal since Jali was given another chance.

The shipping industry continues to strive to meet demand following the disruption. Consumers and businesses are facing supply issues from suppliers and exporters, leading to delays. And it could be worse for a ship stuck in a huge passage.

The MV Coral Crystal calming lasted only 15 minutes, and according to Bloomberg, the incident did not cause any inconvenience to the caravans.

In May, while Ever Given was still under arrest by the Suez Canal Authority, a second large ship was stranded on the canal. Maersk Emerald is a 1,158-foot container ship with a capacity of 13,000 units equivalent to twenty feet (TEUs). According to Fair Transportation, EVP is a method of measuring container shipping capacity using standard container sizes. The Maersk Emerald was reported to have engine problems. Fortunately, it was stranded in a two-lane highway, and some ships were able to travel while crew worked long hours to unload the ship.

These parts of the Suez Canal indicate the need to improve the canal system. The Suez Canal Authority is responding to the Ever Ever event given by the start of the burning work to promote and expand one existing song in the southern part. It also adds a second existing track for approximately six miles.


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